Franchise Financing That Works

Sometimes the best way to build a business is to break into a market that’s already established. Taking on a franchise is an excellent alternative to starting from scratch. That’s why Platinum Commercial Finance offers an excellent franchise financing program that lets you get to work fast and ready to succeed.

A Better Way to Build

Just like any other business, building a franchise has construction, renovation and real-estate costs that require specific financing. The main benefit, working with a name brand that has already been established, usually requires licensing fees and the fulfillment of other obligations as well. The advantages to choosing our franchise financing program include:

  • Low rates (down to 6%)
  • Access to working capital/cash
  • Excellent for first-time franchisers
  • Land-To-Value upwards of 90%
  • Terms upwards of 25 years

Our team of financing professionals is ready to help you determine if franchising is right for you, and how we can get you the financing you’re looking for.

The Platinum Difference

When it comes to franchising, choosing the right financing program can mean the difference between a slow start and hitting the ground running. With Platinum Commercial Finance, you’ll have the opportunity to obtain loans you can afford at reasonable terms, giving you a head start on making your franchising dreams a reality.