Healthy Loans Through Healthcare and Medical Financing

Working in the healthcare profession is difficult enough without having to worry about funding your practice. Thankfully, Platinum Commercial Finance has a variety of programs to help you build your business. Whether you’re looking to set up a new practice or improve an existing one, our healthcare financing programs are a perfect option.

Making Your Practice Perfect

We know how important financing is to get your practice moving. Here are a few of our financing options that will have you helping clients in no time:

  • Working Capital: With extended loan terms, no payments up front, and no reporting to credit bureaus, these loans give you the freedom to use capital in the ways that help your practice the best.
  • Debt Consolidation: Building any business can land you with monthly installments to a host of different institutions. We can help by consolidating everything into a single monthly payment.
  • Practice Aquisition Financing: Our acquisition loans are perfect for helping you bring new locations, clients and partners into the fold.

Every healthcare practice is different, and by working with our professional lending team you can be assured to find the best financing options for your business. Contact Platinum Commercial Finance and let us help bring your practice closer to perfection.