Tips for Fall Maintenance of Multifamily Real Estate

When you manage or own a rental property, you need to make sure that it is well-maintained. This can be complicated by the fact that you don’t live there. Multifamily real estate can be very lucrative, but only if you keep the property in good order. A dilapidated property will not only turn off renters, but it will also cost a lot more to fix than it would have to maintain in the first place.

1) Check and Clean the Gutters and Roof

The top of your property is one of the most important to take care of in the fall. There are leaves falling and other debris landing on your roof. This can clog up your gutters and even damage your roof. Worse yet, if left unchecked, these issues can cause serious damage when snow and ice come. So, your first maintenance job should be to check and clean the roof and gutters.

2) Get HVAC Serviced

This is a great time to get the HVAC system checked and serviced. With cold weather coming, your tenants will likely be using the heating furnace significantly. Furthermore, it probably hasn’t been used in months. Have someone come and check it and perform routine maintenance. He or she should also check the ducting and other components at the same time.

3) Check Vegetation

With winter storms on the horizon, make sure that there aren’t any dying limbs on the trees of your property. If one of these falls under the weight of ice or snow, it could come crashing through your roof. Hiring someone to come and check then remove any bad limbs is always a good idea in the fall.

4) Check Windows and Doors

Drafts can cause a lot of heating problems in the winter. Check for any cracks or gaps in your windows and doors. Some caulking can go a long way to ensuring that cracks and crevices don’t cause any problems during the cold weather. This will help to keep your tenants happy and ensure that your utility bills are more manageable.

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Taking good care of your multifamily real estate will help you to enjoy greater returns from it. A little preventative effort in the fall can make sure that the winter goes smoothly. Learn more about taking care of your investment properties. With the right care and the financing, you can secure your future through real estate.

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