Tricks to Improving Yourself in Just 10 Minutes

No matter how well you spend your time, it is likely that you could fit a bit more productivity into your day. If you find yourself with a spare ten minutes, try filling it with something on this list.

1. Spend Some Time Outside

Taking a short walk outside can improve both your physical and mental health. You will benefit from the exercise and vitamin D from the sun.

2. Take Short Naps

While taking longer naps can make you feel even more tired and groggy, ten minutes is the perfect length for a catnap. It can leave you feeling refreshed and energized for hours afterward.

3. Practice Gratitude

When you think about all of the things you’re grateful for, it can leave you feeling happier and more motivated, which is great for increasing productivity. It can also improve self-esteem and decrease feelings of stress.

4. Take Time to Socialize

Humans are social creatures, so taking time to talk to a friend or coworker can be a great way to spend your ten minutes. A pleasant conversation can boost problem-solving and cognitive performance.

5. Learn to Read Faster

If you often have to read a lot of emails and paperwork, speed reading can be an incredibly useful skill. If you practice during your spare time, you’ll soon be reading, and getting your work done, more quickly.

6. Use the 50/10 Rule

Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay focused on your work. Try focusing completely on your work for 50 minutes and then taking a 10-minute break. This can help increase productivity and reduce feelings of burnout.

7. Keep a Journal

Writing in a journal is a good way to review your day. You can look back on the ups and downs and figure out what needs to be done differently tomorrow.

8. Learn a New Language

Taking ten minutes each day to work on learning a language can leave you with conversational skills in a relatively short time. It can also improve brain function in other areas.

9. Increase Your Vocabulary

There are many ways, from daily emails to mobile apps, to learn new words. Adding to your vocabulary can help increase your communication skills, and it can be fun too.

10. Plan For Tomorrow

Before you end your work day, spend some time making a to-do list and organizing your space for the next day. It can help you start the day well.

If you find that you need more productivity in your day, start with these activities. You may find that they are the perfect way to spend those spare ten-minute moments.

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